User Manual

How to activate VNC Free Chat

The following images illustrate all necessary steps to activate VNC Free Chat on clientside.

Step 1: Preferences Tab

Open the Preferences tab in the Zimbra Toolbar.

Step 2: Zimlets Menu

Open the Zimlets Menu on the left panel and activate the checkbox VNC Free Chat.

Step 3: Save

Save your preferences by clicking the Save button in the top-left corner.

Step 4: Confirm Reload

Click Yes to reload the application and VNC Free Chat becomes available.


Before using VNC Free Chat for the first time, the system administrator has to configure it by providing all necessary information. Please contact VNC in regards to the Installation Guide.

This part only targets users, which want to use an additional, external 3rd party XMPP-client in conjunction with VNC Free Chat. In case you want to use Freechat exclusively via the ZWC, the next paragraph can be ignored.

The VNC Free Chat priorities can be set as illustrated in the next image. Note: The highest prioritized xmpp-client will receive the communication events(chat messages, conference invitations, etc.), in case multiple clients are active on the user's clientsystem.

After modifying the priotity values, apply the changes by pressing the OK button. Remark: VNC does not provide any support for 3rd party XMPP-clients.

Individual Settings

The user can modify VNC Free Chat's preferences to suit its personal needs. The user has the following options:

  • Profile picture: By clicking on the avatar bubble, a file browser window opens, allowing you to select a profile picture as your avatar.
  • My status: Shows the remote contacts the user's current state. The user can select between Available, Away, Busy and Offine. All states are associated with different colors, which are displayed in the contact lists as well.
  • Show Recent: Activate/deactivate to show/hide the list of recent activities in the left panel.
  • Play Sounds: The user can enable or disable the VNC Free Chat notification sounds on his behalf.
  • Volume: To adjust the volume of the notification sounds.

How to use VNC Free Chat

Which features does VNC Free Chat provide?

  • 1:1 chat
  • Favorite Lists: Fast access to frequently used contacts. The Favorites can be automatically generated on server side for the user as well.
  • Contacts: Add & remove contacts to/from Favorites.

Where are version information provided?

To gather information and acquire further documentation on the current version of VNC Free Chat, navigate to the Zimlets section in the left panel of the Zimbra Web-client's Mail tab and click on VNC Free Chat. You will find the version information in the About us tab.

First steps - the interface

The contact list is located on the right side of the VNC Free Chat window. It opens, when clicking the button in the lower right corner, listing the contacts currently online. The contact list contains all available users and their status, indicated by the respective colors, as well as your personal favorite list. When All is selected as display option, offline users are shown as well.

VNC Free Chat also shows all functionalities of Zimbra Talk, which are deactivated. To use group chats, screen sharing, document editing and video conferencing, please purchase Zimbra Talk.


Contacts can be found by opening the tab Contacts and start searching for specific users. The search result list of potential candidates autocompletes as you type. Chats can also be started directly from picking a contact from the search results, without the need of adding it to the favorites first.

Favorite Lists

For a better overview, the user can assemble a favorite list with individual groups to add contacts with whom the users frequently communicates. Every user starts with an empty favorite list, that can be filled up individually with groups and users. Favorite lists can be filled up

  • by switching from the Favorites tab (star symbol) to the Contacts tab (symbol showing two persons):

    Now search for a contact and add it from the search results to your favorites.

  • directly via the list menu of an existing favorite group, which allows the user to search for and add new contacts directly to that group.

The group menu on the right side of a favorite group can be used to

  • add contacts to the group
  • rename or delete that group

Note: Video Calls are a premium feature of VNCtalk and Zimbra Talk.

Control Panel on the left

The left side control panel contains

  • the Recent section, that displays the user's last conversations. Clicking on an item in that list, will reopen the respective chat again.
  • the Public Chat Room list: a premium feature of VNCtalk and Zimbra Talk for group chats.

Text Chat

VNC Free Chat enables the users to perform a 1:1 textchat. When the contact list is closed, the user has the number of favorite list contacts displayed, that are currently online. Clicking on the symbol, opens the contact list, listing the users favorites and their current status. To engage in a chat with another user, a chat window must be opened by clicking on the speech baloon icon or directly on the respective user's name.

Note: File Transfer and Emojis are also a premium feature of VNCtalk and Zimbra Talk and not available in VNC Free Chat.

In the example below, the Favorite List contains two users, one of them online:

Chat history is loaded automatically when opening a chat window: